Investment focus

SMEs are considered the growth engine of the Swiss economy. They account for almost 60% of Switzerland's annual economic output and employ two-thirds of the workforce - yet these companies are hardly on the investors' radar. Tanya König discusses why and how this should change with Jan Kollros, Managing Partner adbodmer, and Benjamin Böhner, Business Development Private Markets at Bellevue.

A clear focus for attractive returns

  • As part of an investor group, BB Entrepreneur Private focuses on growth financing for excellent Swiss SMEs, with a investment volume of CHF 10 to 20 mn per deal. The investment focus is on minority participation with strong shareholder rights.

  • The investment universe consists of “hidden champions,” mostly established, profitable and debt-free companies with a clear competitive edge. These businesses are run by strong owners/management teams with convincing growth plans and a mid-term exit strategy. Diversification is achieved by investing in companies from different sectors.


An experienced team of direct equity investment specialists at adbodmer AG develops and executes exclusive opportunities for its select group of investors. BB Entrepreneur Private benefits from a guaranteed minimum allocation as a member of this group. Bellevue Asset Management AG is responsible for the portfolio management and thus for investment decisions on behalf of the fund. 

In a network with qualified entrepreneurial families, we help companies to achieve their growth targets.

Interview Jan Kollros und Benjamin Böhner

BB Entrepreneur Private – Interview mit Jan Kollros und Benjamin Böhner